Viking market Jork at the marina Neuenschleuse, 21635 Jork

As in previous years, the Vikings will land in Jork again this year.
Several hundred Vikings from many parts of Europe will camp in Jork from May 17th to 20st and, like in the past, offer an extraordinary spectacle.

The Jork Viking Market will take place from Friday May 17th to Monday 20st, 2024. Over 400 Viking traders, craftsmen and fighters from all over Europe pitch their tents around a ring castle made of wood, which was specially built for the Viking market in Jork Neuenschleuse. The visitor can experience how people lived in the period from the 7th to the 11th century and immerse themselves in this special atmosphere.


Experience exciting Viking battles


... or partly, in its own way, almost forgotten craft like

  • rope makers,
  • To dye,
  • manufacture of turning shoes,
  • Demonstration and explanation of old sewing techniques,
  • Weave,
  • to spin wool into yarn,
  • general wool processing,
  • bow and arrow making
  • make chain mail,
  • tin casting,
  • needle binding,
  • woodwork,
  • wood carvings,
  • Offer of individual silver and bronze jewelry
  • leather processing,
  • burn runes,
  • Glass bead production in charcoal fire,
  • To sharp a knife,
  • comb weaving,
  • amber processing,
  • Forge
Of course, you can also buy the manufactured goods at most of the stands
and much more


This year we will be delighted musically by the group Virelai from Denmark.

Powerful medieval melodies and poetic Nordic ballads combined with an energetic and warm-hearted performance.

Since 1999, Virelai have performed for beggars, queens and everything in between. They are considered Denmark's happiest and longest touring folk band - this band will make you dance, sing and laugh!

Virelai have released seven albums and played more than a thousand concerts across Scandinavia, Europe, India and New Zealand over the past two decades.
Virelai have only given 5 concerts in Germany so far, so we are very happy that Virelai will be performing several times a day at the Viking Market in Jork in May 2024.


Or hire a rower on a real Viking ship and go on a "big voyage"



The Event Falconry will also be our guest again with their birds of prey.


Just like Knud, who will let the sparks fly again with his magnificent fire show.

Dates and times for all shows are currently being planned but will be announced later.