Viking festival Harburg 2018

On March 25, 2018, the Viking Festival in the old town of Harburg around the Lüneburger Platz should take place again. Unfortunately this event has to be postponed for organizational reasons this year. A new date is currently not fixed. We will inform you as soon as we can tell you more.

Vikingmarket of Jork 2018

As already announced, on May 26 and 27 2018 Vikings  will set up her yearly camp again in "Jork Neuenschleuse". Let them put themselves in a bygone era. As every year, there will be numerous hands-on activities as well as shows.

Since our children's day has arrived so well last year, we have decided to have it again this year. That's why we're opening our doors on Friday the 25th of May at 13:00.