From North...

over the A7 through the Elb-tunnel

  • leave the Highway at the first exit "Waltershof" after the Elb tunnel, direction Finkenwerder,
  • follow the street direction "Finkenwerder",
  • after aprox. 500m, on a 4 lane street follows a crotch ... hold right (2 right lanes)
  • follow the street, always straight. Shields with direction Finkenwerder are now obsolete,
  • after aprox. 3 km you have the airport from Airbus to your right,
  • after Airbus you will go over an lift bridge,
  • take care after the bridge is an speed camera
  • follow the street
  • an second speed camera will follow 2km later after an left curve
  • straigth on, on the left side you will past an windmill
  • aprox. 2.5 km after the winsmill you will find our wikingmarket on the right side